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Head Teacher Welcome


I would like to welcome you to the new Catch22 Oxford website.  I am excited and honoured to be working with a group of professionals who are passionate about supporting young people marginalised from mainstream education.


As named Headteacher for the school I bring experience from all over the UK and know full well the impact on young people who struggle to manage themselves in a mainstream setting. One size does not fit all; this is key to the successful work we do with each learners at Catch22 Include Oxford.


Here at Catch22 Include Oxford, we provide wraparound care for the young person and their families. Yes it is about an education and my staff do their utmost to ensure every individual leaves with the best possible outcomes; but it is also about the other factors which embed themselves in a young person’s life that they may not have control over or have the means to understand the consequences of their actions. We listen. We are patient and we care.


At Catch22 Include Oxford we provide a safe place, a sense of purpose and resilient and caring people who only want the very best for the young people who come to us. We have been open throughout lockdown and we are currently focusing on supporting our year 11 students to successfully move to the next stage of education; whilst also supporting our year 10s to access a good quality education every day.


I look forward to welcoming you to Catch22 Include Oxford.



Stuart Rutter

Executive Headteacher- Oxford Incude


"Don't be afraid to be great.  Every big river starts as a small stream, every tall tree originates as a small seed, every big thing begins with a tiny deed".

Welcome to the Include School, Oxford from the team at Catch22 Include School Oxford


Our website is updated regularly with the latest school news, calendar dates, newsletters, curriculum information and other pages and we hope that it provides an insight into our small school with a big heart.


Before coming to us, many of our pupils have had such a negative experience trying to learn to read, write and work with numbers for example that they have lost faith in themselves and their own ability, as well as the ability of those around them to help.


It is a such a terrible thing when a student judges themselves as having “failed” or finds that they are somehow “excluded” from the mainstream.  We create bespoke, friendly teaching across our broad curriculum. It is a privilege to be able to watch our students grow in self-worth and confidence as their academic skills improve.


All children are individuals. We aim to recognise and foster natural ability but above all, to inspire our students into believing that their academic lives and their future careers and social lives have the potential to be great, whether in Maths, English, Art, Technology, Sport or Computing. A significant number of our Year 11 leavers have gained places in colleges, apprenticeships and workplaces.  We understand each of our students, help them to develop trust in themselves and resilience. They learn to see themselves as capable individuals, equipped with strategies that work for them, personally, for life.  As one of our tutors remarked recently, "it is wonderful to see how our students are able to transform their lives and go on to very successful futures".


Catch22 include Oxfordshire offers flexible transition programmes, bespoke packages, re-engagement programmes and full-time Key Stage 3 and 4 education. Our aim is to tackle the social, behavioural or emotional barriers that may be preventing young people from achieving their potential.


Support can take place at home, in the community or at the Include school, which is currently situated at the Include School, Blackbird Leys Road. The school provides a safe and nurturing environment, taking a maximum of ten students and with a high staff to student ratio. This enables staff to develop positive and productive relationships with students as well as their families and other supporting agencies.


This year, we moved to a much improved building.   We are very excited about this as it will offer all the children and staff stronger and better facilities.  We offer various outdoor areas to learn and play. We also make good use of the local sports facilities where all students have use of a gym and personal trainer and enjoy local short trips out with staff, always with an educational purpose. Indoors, there are classrooms filled with happy, enthusiastic learners surrounded by working walls full of colourful displays of children’s art and writing.

If you have any questions, please contact the School directly and we will be happy to help you.




Please find our 2020-21 Prospectus below, this is available to download. If you would like a paper version sending to you please contact the main office number.